Yandere Simulator 2

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Are you ready to plunge into the world of school intrigues, teenage love and sometimes even bloody crimes? All of this awaits you on the campus of Yandere Simulator 2 where a common young girl turns into a grim killer under the influence of unrequited love! There are two modes you can enjoy in this game. The story mode will basically allow you to do whatever you want exploring the school, talking to various characters and of course trying to win the heart of your beloved. You are free to choose any means to do that, varying from peaceful to rather aggressive. However, note that your choices will inevitably affect your reputation scale. The whole story consists of ten chapters, each lasting for a week. At the end of each week, you have to either come up with a way to get rid of your rival or see the guy you’re in love with kiss her under a sakura tree.

But you can’t tell that you actually played this game until you also try the mission mode. It’s much more gruesome and exciting because you are sent on a series of tasks and most of them have something to do with killing. The main heroine becomes a bounty hunter who needs to assassinate those pointed out in missions. The player can customize the difficulty of the mission, create a mission to their own taste, or trust fate and go on a random task. In this mode, Senpai disappears from the game, and the reputation scale is replaced by visibility. If you are seen covered in blood or with a knife, then it will significantly decrease, and if it drops to the end, the game will be over.

By default, the heroine needs to kill one victim and complete secondary tasks like murdering this person with a certain time of weapon, removing all the blood after killing and so on. After all the tasks are done, she can happily go home. But if you are too bored to accomplish missions, then you can add an additional obstacle – Nemesis. This is a girl who is watching you and trying to kill you. Your goal is to either sneak up on her from behind and drive your weapon into her back or run away from her. Overall, the mission mode is very interesting, but don’t set a maximum number of tasks from the very beginning or you will be overwhelmed. Choose your mode and play Yandere Simulator 2 online!

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