Yandere Simulator Game Play Online For Free

If you remember being a teenager, you know that it’s a hard time for every person. Your soul is a constant battlefield for many different feelings, and love can turn into rage any second pushing you to actions that are not quite adequate. At moments like that, the whole world seems to be against you, and you don’t hesitate to square with your enemies, no matter what it takes… The main heroine of Yandere Simulator is an emotionally troubled schoolgirl who is going through a tough period. She is in love, but the object of her tender feelings doesn’t seem to notice her. Even worse, there are ten other girls that also have a passion for him! You are determined to win the sympathy of your beloved and you decide to remove your competitors one by one.

Steal you beloved one from other suitors!

The whole story unfolds on a school campus where you are free to roam, do anything you want and communicate with other characters. There are lots of students in the school, but it’s only the guy of your dream and your rivals that really matter for the gameplay. Others, however, may prove either useful or harmful for implementing your plans. So you shouldn’t completely disregard them, as well as ignore characters like teachers and other adults. The world of Yandere Simulator is rather complicated, full of different personalities, their actions and various events that you have to somehow react to and take respective measures. Every time the plot will give you several options of how to behave. It’s up to you to choose a line of strategy that suits you best. Whether you want to be friendly and popular or enjoy the role of a grim loner who is no stranger to brutality, you can realize the potential of the main heroine from any side.

The goal of the game is to make Taro fall in love with Ayano and basically become her boyfriend. But to achieve that, you need to take care of your rivals first. There are ten of them, each with a different background, character and reputation at school. They also have a different relation to Taro – some of them barely speak to him, others are his close friends. You should keep that in mind deciding which method to use against this particular competitor.

Kill your rivals if you must!

Ayano is a desperate girl, so she can go to any length for her purpose. But she is afraid to lose her reputation, so she will try to do any dark things secretly and quietly. Of course, there is no guarantee nobody will catch you red-handed, and then you will have to think how to deal with an unexpected witness as well. And by red-handed, we really mean blood! Although there are ways to get a rival out of your path without resorting to violence – for instance, pretend of being her friend or setting up a date for her with another guy – most players prefer to try themselves at brutal killings. After all, it’s anime! You can use any weapon to do – a knife, axe, syringe, your own hands. There is an option to cunningly set everything off as an accident or suicide. It only depends on your ingenuity! Remember – you have just a week to deal with another girl in Yandere Simulator. Be smart and determined, and Taro will be yours!

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